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 Genevieve Searle

The Optimisation Queen


Epigenetics Consultant & Strategist




Relationship Dynamics

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Soul Purpose Alignment

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Your unique "whole-self" instruction manual


Potent 1:1 Precision Body | Mind | Heart | Soul Purpose Kickstarter Coaching Package.

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Epic Relationships start with your DNA


1:2 coaching package for couples what want a next-level relationship!


Do you crave to be:

Free to be your fully expressed selves; 

Allies in life;


Dripping with pleasure together- even after 20 years! 

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Do you desire a relationship that VALIDATES, LIBERATES & CELEBRATES you both in being EXACTLY who you are!


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Ooohhhhh, feeling the call of your soul?


Is it time to fine tune your life so you can do what you came here to do?


Time to Align to your Genetic Genius so you can Actualise your Soul Purpose?


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TEDx Talk 

"How To Thrive In An Era Of Uncertainty."

What People Are Saying


Gina Chick

Diplomat 295

ReWilding Facilitator, 5 Rhythms Dance Facilitator & 

Winner - "Alone Australia" SBS television 2023


"Thank you Genevieve, for being such an amazing friend and advocate.

Thank you for throwing yourself in to my preparation 1000%, giving of your wisdom, time, passion and a lifetime of accumulating information to help bring out the best in people.

You gave so much more than dietary advice: your breathtaking depth of knowledge encompasses all strands of healthy living.

Thank you for loving me whole heartedly, and for supporting my journey so I could head out to lutruwita with a body that was ready for the challenge."



Luke Salmon

Diplomat 320

Men's work facilitator, Breathwork & Business Systems Mentor


"Epigenetics gets to the core of you.

 It maps out “who you are” so you can be aware of & understand yourself, your needs, your woundings & how to bring that awareness to your partner & relationship too.


It also gives you tools and strategies that you bring into your relationship & deal with challenges based on your biological needs.


I’ve since dived deeper into epigenetics, learning more & more about that & feel it’s an invaluable framework for people to use in all areas of life.


Whether it’s in relationship, working with core wounding & personal development or in relation to business, Genevieve has an embodied & deep level of understanding in this field & the applications that it can bring to different ares of life.



Are you ready?


Hey! Genevieve here. After almost ending my life, I realised I needed to make a radical shift.


I decided I was going to do whatever it took to get better and was relentless in my pursuit of wellness from then on; in optimising every part of my life.


I’ve spent the last 25 years on a journey deep-diving, learning, experimenting and embodying “All The Things” I needed to in order to live as the truest version of me.


Now I’m guiding others to do the same.

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