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If you're a heart-led Impact Maker with fire in your belly & a spark in your eyes;


If you desire:

Vitality, clarity, passion & purpose 



If you are here for more than yourself: 


to bring something to the world that is going to take us from

"Holy sh*t we're screwed!"


"Holy sh*t this is amazing!",


then we should definitely hang out!


Using cutting-edge technology, ancient wisdom & embodied experience I'll help you get clear on your unique genius & how to align every part of your life for maximum flow, so you can do what you came here to do!



Specialising in:


Personal Body-Genius Profiling
Epigenetic Alignment 
Relationship Dynamics
(couples, teams, parenting)
Soul Purpose Strategies



You are the one you have been waiting for


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Body-Genius Profiling

Your unique "whole-self" instruction manual


Potent 1:1 Precision Body | Mind | Heart | Soul Purpose Kickstarter Coaching Package.

 Wouldn't you just LOVE your own instruction manual  that gives you all the details of how to do YOUR life?  From food & exercise to productivity & heart connections this is the personal roadmap of YOU!

This is pure GOLD & where everyone starts!

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Relationship Translation


Epic Relationships start with your DNA


1:2 coaching package for couples what want a next-level relationship!


Do you crave to be:

Free to be your fully expressed selves; 

Allies in life;


Dripping with pleasure together- even after 20 years! 

(Uh-huh, speaking from experience here! )


Do you desire a relationship that VALIDATES, LIBERATES & CELEBRATES you both in being EXACTLY who you are!


Well then, hit that lil button below..

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Align & Actualise


Ooohhhhh, feeling the call of your soul?


Is it time to fine tune your life so you can do what you came here to do?


Time to Align to your Genetic Genius so you can Actualise your Soul Purpose?


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TEDx Talk 

"How To Thrive In An Era Of Uncertainty."

What People Are Saying

"Epigenetics gets to the core of you.


It maps out “who you are” so you can be aware of & understand yourself, your needs, your woundings & how to bring that awareness to your partner & relationship too.


It also gives you tools and strategies that you bring into your relationship & deal with challenges based on your biological needs.


I’ve since dived deeper into epigenetics, learning more & more about that & feel it’s an invaluable framework for people to use in all areas of life.


Whether it’s in relationship, working with core wounding & personal development or in relation to business, Genevieve has an embodied & deep level of understanding in this field & the applications that it can bring to different ares of life.


Luke Salmon
Diplomat 320

Blending body, soul & business
Men's work facilitator
Business Systems
"Genevieve's genuine passion for her technical working knowledge of epigenetics has had my interest hooked since day dot of meeting her.


I have learned to see the "constants" in my body and mind and to understand where they came from and how I can use them to be in my strength and genius.


With the Ph360 system, I understand that certain traits of my character, that I used to repress, I can now utilise and accept as part of my whole.


Genevieve highly effectively keyed me into all of this knowledge I now have of myself, as she understands how to specifically communicate with me due to her understanding of different minds and bodies.


I can't recommend this enjoyable learning with her highly enough.


Her passion gets my dopamine surging and it will change anyones life for the better.

Jack Chivers
Crusader 70

Men's work facilitator & leader
Student of self-mastery


Are you ready?


Hey! Genevieve here. After almost ending my life, I realised I needed to make a radical shift.


I decided I was going to do whatever it took to get better and was relentless in my pursuit of wellness from then on; in optimising every part of my life.


I’ve spent the last 25 years on a journey deep-diving, learning, experimenting and embodying “All The Things” I needed to in order to live as the truest version of me.


Now I’m guiding others to do the same.

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Core Elements

ph360 EpiGenetic Hormonal Profiling 


This cutting-edge science-backed profiling technology uses physical body measurements in conjunction with fact-based life-style questions to determine what hormones were dominant during early development.   


Giving precise information about an individual it comes with the Shae App that offers personalised guidance for the optimal way to:




Connect with others, 


Live and ultimately 

THRIVE in a way that is individually specific to them.


It is unbelievably valuable.


Find out more about ph360

Ancestral Alchemy 


We don’t exist in isolation; we only exist in context.


We know through the science of inter-generational and trans-generational epigenetics that the lives of our ancestors very much influence who we are and who we can become... even if we have never met them.


We are literally woven from the lives, experiences, and stories of our ancestors.


Ancestral Alchemy is a pathway I have developed to help clients:

  1. Uncover who their ancestors were;


  3. Unravel the impact they have had on their lives; and


  5. Work with this vast network of talents, traits and attributes that lie in their family tree as resources to bring forth and amplify in order to go to the next level. 

 Embodied Movement & Functional Breathing


Two of the most powerful pathways for transformation, they both regulate the nervous system & re-wire the sub-conscious mind & cellular memory so we can shift out of old states of being and open up to new possibilities - in our own way, on our own terms.


  • Benefits:
  1. Upgrade the body;


  3. Regulate the nervous system;


  5. Make sense of experiences;


  7. Move emotions through the body;


  9. Access inner wisdom;


  11. Rewire ingrained patterns; 


  13. Calm the mind & find perspective;


  15. Activate feel-good chemicals;


  17. Reprogram cellular memories

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I have 3 select offers.

1) Personal Body-Genius Profiling


2) Relationship Translation


2) Align & Actualise 


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