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Hi! I’m Genevieve


And I am The Optimisation Queen.

I’ve spent the last 23+ years deep-diving, learning and experimenting with “All The Things”. 

My passion is to help clients live healthier, more vitalised and fulfilling lives; to be as good as they can be, to be fully OPTIMISED in all areas.

To do this we need to address All The Things: nutrition, movement, environment, relationships and work.

We need to understand ourselves, our past, our family history and our culture. 

We need to work with it all.  When we isolate and compartmentalize things, we often miss the big picture.

So that’s what I do; I help people understand and connect with themselves, uncover the patterns in their lives and Optimise themselves and their life.

I create personalised, 1 : 1 mentoring programs for clients. This is where we work together over a longer period of time and delve deeply into optimising their life.

We start with identifying the major stressors a person has and then cover Food, Movement, Work, Mindset, Environment, Relationships, Breathing and Emotional work.

These programs have had a profound impact on the clients I have worked with. I have seen clients significantly reduce their dependence on medication like anti-inflammatories, steroids etc. as well as anti-depressants and Valium, repair broken relationships, carry pregnancies after multiple miscarriages, claim their self-confidence and personal power and heal gut issues.

I am also creating multiple online courses based on all of this. 

And... on a completely different note, I love ecstatic dance. See the photo.

My Optimisation Journey

It was August 1998, I was lying at the bottom of an empty pool one night while I was working on a resort.  I'd been raped three years earlier, was currently medicated for depression, struggling with eating disorders, had had gut issues for most of my life.   

Looking up at the stars I realised I had three choices; Kill myself, continue as I was or get better.

I made my decision then and have been relentless in my pursuit of  wellness ever since.

At first I just wanted to be "ok" but, over time, as I gained traction and became utterly fascinated by all the things I discovered, I wanted to see just how good I could get.

This curiosity and determination has led me on a vast and varied journey exploring everything from food, breath and environment, to ancestry, emotions and the sub-conscious mind.

I have researched, studied, experimented and practiced.

Since 2017 I have been sharing my learnings through mentoring and therapy sessions in my previous business Rhythm & Light Therapies.

This year, 2021, I have stepped it up to offer deeper programs and online courses (coming soon), for those who are ready to REMEMBER their own wisdom and power and OPTIMISE every aspect of their health, wellness and life. 


The issues I have navigated personally are:

  • Physical conditions (mostly gut related, spinal issues (scoliosis, spondylolythesis & cartilage breakdown) damage from eating disorders and laxative addiction);
  • Mental struggles (depression, deep shame and anxiety); and
  • Emotional trauma (sexual abuse, divorce, bankruptcy, rape and inter-generational trauma).


Formal Study:


I have sat in and facilitated countless women’s circles,  facilitated numerous workshops, events and transformational 1:1 journeys and I have presented at conferences, both around Australia and online, on such topics as:

  • "Your Inheritance Doesn’t Have To Be Your Destiny" – Mitochondria, Epigenetics & Claiming Your Life;

  • "Maybe It’s Not All You" – The Role of Ancestral Trauma; 

  • "Rise & Shine" - Circadian Rhythm and Gut health; and

  • "Blue Light Toxicity"


As a passionate self-learner I have also explored: 

  • Epigenetics (how our environment changes our biology);

  • Trans-generational Imprinting (the passing on of information from experiences down the generations);

  • ReWilding and Primitive Skills (connecting with the natural world and remembering our belonging to it);

  • Flow States and the Default Mode Network (being in the “zone” and the opposing state of normal mental chatter);

  • Spirituality, Shamanism and Altered states of consciousness;

  • Sexuality;

  • Mitochondria (the power centres within our cells);

  • Birth as a normal physiological process;

  • Quantum Biology (how quantum effects happen in  living things);

  • Circadian Biology (how timing affects our biology); and

  • Biological effects of light (how light affects our body).


I am the very grateful mother of three amazing sons and life partner to a beautiful man.

Bringing together all of my experiences, education and explorations I have developed a whole toolkit of information, therapies, practices and processes to support clients to empower themselves & optimise their health, wellness and lives.

Ready to optimise your life?


We start with identifying the major stressors in your life, whether it be poor diet, lack of movement, a stressful work situation, negative mindset, toxic environment and relationships, poor breathing, emotional turmoil.

We work together to build a program that's easy for you to implement and that will get you the quickest results. We continue to work with each of your challenges, gradually revealing the truest version of you.

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