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What are you here for?

What is your soul's desire?

And now...


What attributes do you need to meet your souls mission?


What traits are you "missing" that are preventing you from stepping into this?


Well, guess what?  

They are already in you they just need to be brought out!

You are a living elixir of unique potential

crafted from more than a thousand generations.

Millions of people compile your family lineage and some of them already embody (or have embodied) the traits you need to bring your gifts to the world.

Let's find them...

Ancestral Alchemy Journey Prep video


Watch this video for how to prepare yourself and your space for the journey.

The more prepared you are the better processes like this work.

At a minimum you will need:

  • Your vision, intention, idea or dream that you wish to create or actualise.
  • Clarity around the traits or attributes of what you have not yet embodied or the feeling of what you need.
  • Time; ideally an hour uninterrupted.
  • A comfortable, relaxing space and clothing; somewhere to sit or lie comfortably for the duration of the visualisation (approximately 25 minutes) plus extra for time afterwards to integrate the experience.
  • Low lighting: This helps to calm down the monkey mind and get us into a relaxed space.
  • No interruptions: Turn your phone off or to "do not disturb".
  • Pen or pencils and paper so you can write down or draw anything that appeared or was meaningful in the journey.
  • A decent speaker or over-ear headphones.

Other useful notes:

  1. If the visualisation goes too quickly for you press pause and give yourself extra time.
  2. Listen to the journey again.
  3. You can repeat this journey as often as you like and again any time you feel it's time to go to your next level.
  4. Pay attention to your dreams as you sleep and watch for any synchronicities over the next few days.


Background music by Rhythm & Light, find it here:  Spotify or iTunes


Ancestral Alchemy Visualisation

Ancestral Alchemy Visualisation

After The Journey


What to do now and how to maximise the potential benefits from the journey.


Want to amplify the power of this experiences and help you integrate your journey?

Combining an intentional action with items that stimulate your senses will do just that.

Check out my bespoke essences for the perfect option.

Essences & More

But I don't like this person...


What happens when the ancestors who've stepped forward or shown up is someone you don't like or have a bad history with?

This is really common and while it may be really challenging to deal with there is a HUGE amount of "gold" in alchemising this DNA. 

Watch this video for more info on this topic.


Ready to Align to your Genetic Genius so you can Actualise your Soul Purpose?


If you are ready to explore ancestral alchemy further or want to dive into aligning with your genetic genius to actualise your soul purpose check out the main page for offerings or book a call. 

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