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As multi-faceted beings true wellness lies in working with All The Things.  
A sluggish body equals a sluggish mind, a miserable heart and a disconnected spirit so nurturing and nourishing our bodies is super important.
Fasting and cleansing can be a really useful part of this process but only when it’s done well.

My fasting / cleansing “fails” include:

😩  Fasting out of synch with day/night and personal bodyclock rhythms = "adrenal fatigue”
🥶  Cold juice fasting out of season = minor hypothermia
💪🏽  Fasting too long for my unique system = muscle wasting, body breakdown
🥕  Juice fasting on fruits and “high sugar” vegetables like carrot and beetroot = candida
🩸  Fasting during a bleeding cycle/ period and not being prepared for the added intensity.
⚡️ Breaking a fast because of intense pain, headaches and nausea - that could have been resolved with an enema/colonic
💥  Broken my fast the wrong way = post fast gut problems.
So with all of those "failures" what are my tips for fasting well?

Get clear on your WHY.

Yes, this in number 1!  Why are you doing this? 
Getting clear on the WHY does 2 things:
1) It makes it easier to stick to the process, which let’s face it can be challenging &
2) It activates a deeper level of awareness as to what’s really going on for you throughout the process.
So ask yourself... What place inside you is this coming from?  Are you fasting/cleansing your body from a place of love and self-care or are you trying to subconsciously punish yourself?
Do you just feel fat and icky and want to feel better?  If so dig a bit deeper.  What is driving that feeling?  Why are you feeling this way?  What choices or experiences have led you here?
Are you hoping to clear/fix a physical issue?  
If so why?  What does it represent to you? What is the wisdom/gift of the issue?
Are you hoping to drop deeper within, to find clarity on an issue?  To let go of old habits/thought/emotions?

Fast to suit your body type

Some bodies love fasting and can go for a long time between meals regularly.  Others just need to eat often.  Knowing you and your body is really important because you can create problems if you go against your own  blueprint.  HeathType ph360 Epigenetic profiling is SUPER useful in working this out.

Additionally, women and men are different.  Knowing your cycle for women is really important. Generally when women bleed they are losing nutrients and should really be nourishing their bodies and building themselves up.  That being said, sometimes working with the natural cleansing process that is happening when bleeding can be really powerful.  Tune in with this yourself and make your own coming from a place of self-care.



Align with the Elements

Cold beverages lower body temperature so don’t have cold juices or water if the outside temperature is cooler.This is especially important if you have naturally lower blood pressure or poor circulation. 

If you do do this the balance it out with a warm herbal tea or broth.


Optimise your intake

Make sure that anything you do consume is pure, clean and premium.  There is no point to fasting/cleansing if you are juicing conventional fruit and veggies, drinking non-organic herbal teas made on tap water or bone broth from conventionally raised animals.

If you don’t have access to good filtered water or want to optimise the water you do have include Life fx water drops.  They purify water as well as:

  • Up the mineral content;
  • Make it more hydrating; and
  • Pump up your vibe at the same time… WINNING!! You can add these drops to all your beverages to up-level them.

You can add these drops to all your beverages to up-level them.

For good quality bone broth if you don’t make your own I suggest:

Pete Evans dehydrated bone broth from Nourishme Organics option or Gevity as a paste option, make sure that you optimise the water you blend these with!



Let it all go

Enemas are amazing for clearing out headaches and nausea along with all your waste. Again you want to make sure your enemas are done with pure filtered water - Life Fx drops are great to include here too.

Enemas could be a whole blog post on it’s own so I’m not going to to go all the way in (ha!) here, but adding:

  • Organic enema coffee really supports the liver and detoxing;
  • Chlorophyll is soothing and clearing - amazing for headaches;
  • Probiotics, kefir gel or sauerkraut juice gets friendly bacteria right where you want them 😆 ; and
  • Bush flower essences are wonderful for added physical and emotional support. 

I’m actually creating a whole Let Go & Evolve kit which will include an enema kit, instructions, Life fx water drops, coffee, post cleanse nourishment +++ and all the info and guidance to take cleansing to the next level. Stay tuned for that.


Watch the Juices

Juice fasting is a bit of a thing, which I get, but it can fall into the why bother category if you don't get it right.  A juice can provide you with easy to process nutrients, cleansing support and a little pick me up.


Juicing fruits is really just a sugar hit and it can have nasty consequences like candida/thrush as a result.  Also, plants are the masters of chemical warfare and contain natural plant chemicals.  Some of these are really beneficial but others, like lectins, oxalic acid etc can create their own problems.  Cooking and fermenting foods help to break these down so we can deal with them. 

If you are going to drink juice:

  • Limit it to 350mls per day, that's 1 medium glass;
  • Use the bare minimum of fruit or sweet vegetables like carrot and beetroot.  Go for things like celery, cucumber, greens, herbs etc;
  • Steam your greens before juicing them;
  • Use only organic or beyond organic fruits and veggies; and
  • Wash them well. 


Don’t overdo it

Once I get through the 1st 24 hours of a fast I usually start to feel UH-MAZING!!!  That’s when I’ve gone through the hunger phase, moved thorough the detox headaches and kicked into ketosis.  By this stage I’m usually buzzing, super high energy my brain is on fire and anything is possible here, so it can be tempting to just stay in this space but knowing when to come out of fast is just as important.

This will be unique for everyone.  For me the sweet spot is about 72hrs.  Longer than that I start to get depleted but I know other people who can go a whole month and are fine. Working this out takes practice but the ph360 HealthType profile is really useful way to start.  

My tip is to work your way into this, if you have never fasted before I would say start with 48 hours.  That gives enough time to move through the 1st nasty stage and into ketosis while not shocking your system too much.


Do the break up well

Fasting or cleansing changes your system.  Not having food in your gut is awesome for giving your body a break so your body can focus on repair and regeneration but that also means that returning to eating normally can be tricky.  Supporting your gut to begin processing food again is super important.  

For me I have a tendency toward low stomach acid and always need a really potent boost like digestive enzymes and Hydrochloric acid and pepsin to kick start my system again but other people won’t need this at all.  You’ll need to find your way with this a bit.

As a general rule begin eating food again slowly (maybe even take a week to return to your optimised normal) with foods that you KNOW your body handles really well.  I like soups made on broth, poached or soft boiled eggs, fermented veggies like sauerkraut or kim chi.  Foods that are already partially broken down are ideal.  

FYI, Low stomach acid symptoms include general:

    1. bloating.
    2. burping.
    3. upset stomach.
    4. nausea when taking vitamins and supplements.
    5. heartburn.
    6. diarrhea.
    7. gas.
    8. desire to eat when not hungry.



Make it worth it

If you are going to the trouble of doing this make it worth it.  As your body clears so does your mind, heart and spirit. Fasting removes clutter and makes it easier to REMEMBER your Truth. 

It can even take you into an altered state of consciousness where thoughts become clearer, you can make epic connections and understand things from a really different angle. I’ve personally had some incredible visions, understandings and really transformative experiences whilst fasting.  

So use the time to sink into good breathing practices, get your feet on the earth, journal, align with the day/night rhythms, get sunlight on your skin (midday sun while fasting is awesome for cleansing out parasites - just don’t get burnt), limit screens, EMFs and artificial lighting. Avoid crappy conversations, Social Media and people that are not supportive of you, the process or your evolution.  

Just generally drop into a deeply yin, nourishing space & optimise your habits, thoughts and environment.  My upcoming Let Go & Evolve kit will be hitting on all these areas too and guide you through a week long process.

Happy fasting!



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