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Your breath and your nervous system are in a "feedback loop."

That means:
👉🏽Stress levels affect how you breathe
👉🏽How you breathe affect your stress levels...
and round it goes.

You can do all the mindfulness and meditation in the world but if you aren't breathing properly your stress, panic, anxiety etc will still be a problem.

Your lungs & respiratory system are connected to your vagus nerve and para-sympathetic nervous system which is the "rest & digest" part of your nervous system.

So you can activate your "rest & digest mode" by stimulating the Vagus nerve and breathing is one of the ways you can do this.

Change your breathing & you can truly change your life because you can control your stress, panic and anxiety.

Top tips for this:
N - only breathe through your NOSE (shut your mouth)
L - breath LIGHT (try to "hide" your breath)
✨ S - SLOW your breathing down
D - Make each breath go DEEP down into your belly.

breathing, nervous system, stress relief, epigenetics, empowerment, embodiment, wellness

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