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Damn, I love this bit of my work!!!

Getting into the back of someone's epigenetic profile & looking at what weaves together that make them, them.

Most of my clients are here to do good sh*t in the world. They know they have some real magic to offer but usually our unique magic is a weird, seemingly contradictory, blend of elements that can feel at odds with one another.

Finding the way to balance all of this & show up as our authentically brilliant selves can be a challenge - because what's authentic anyway when we are all of these things all at once?!


THIS is the good bit!

So I had a client recently who came up as a Crusader (wired by Dopamine), which creates a deep DRIVE to ACHIEVE.
Think MISSION, baby!

Think long lasting, game-changing, future focussed Legacy makers.

Now, loads of mission driven Crusader types have done some nasty shit on the road to creating their legacy over the centuries,
Think multi-national company CEO's, making hideous environmental choices for the sake of business.
Think sweatshops.
Think pillaging 3rd world countries of their natural resources - you get the idea.

Crusders will clear whatever is in their path to achieve their mission once they've found it.

BUT when you combine this with a strong sense of ethics,
creativity &
a beautifully caring heart that loves to shine a light on other peoples natural gifts, you get a whole different kind of UH-MAZING!

This is what my new client has.

What a fu*king combo!

Someone with the desire to create a more beautiful world full of creative people doing awesome things just by being themselves
The VISION & Dopamine fuelled capacity & innate strategic thinking to actually make it happen.

I could pee myself!

Seeing & reflecting this back to him was a TREAT!

On the flip side, all this open-hearted, mental brilliance takes a LOT!

His nervous system is naturally ON most of the time which gets overwhelming
Even anxiety producing
bringing uncertainty, fatigue & contraction.

Which is why we need strategies to help him feel clear, calm & on track + creatively alive, aligned & ON FIRE!



Ready to optimise your life?


Check these offerings & see if we could be a match made in heaven:


Personal Body-Genius Profiling

A potent 1:1 kickstarter program for people ready to up-level by tapping into the brilliance of epigenetic & hormonal profiling.  



Relationship Translation

Fusing epigenetics & relationship dynamics. Basically, I translate how you & significant others (couples, parents, teams):

  • Value different things,
  • Have different priorities,
  • Run on different body clocks,
  • Have different mental & emotional needs & responses due to their dominant hormone; &
  • How to work with this for harmonious relationship flow where everyone gets to feel validated, liberated & celebrated.



Align & Actualise


One for the visionaries!

  This is for those epic humans who have a clear mission & purpose & are ready to do what it takes to make that vision a reality...think Gina Chick from Alone Australia SBS TV.

A longer term container based on epigenetic & hormonal profiling + everything else I've ever explored all available to support you in Aligning with your genetic Genius so you can Actualise your soul purpose.

*Available by application only.

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