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The Power of Dance.

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“Do you dance?” They asked.

The answer was always “no.”


💫 I was asked to leave after I failed level 1 gymnastics for the 3rd time.


💫 I was so uncoordinated as a kid that my brother wanted to send me to finishing school in Switzerland because I was so embarrassing.


💫 Highschool aerobics are still a traumatic memory. 


💫 The first time I really let loose on the dance floor of a club I was 21, drunk & shocked everyone so much they nicknamed me “Insy” - after Insy-winsy-spider because my arms & legs were everywhere.


💫 I always loved a good dance to live music at Irish pubs. I kind of Irish pub hopped around Europe, but only ever after a number of pints because everyone can forgive drunk dancing & mostly no-one remembers in the morning.


💫 I briefly found the club scene but then babies arrived & I was breastfeeding and midnight instead.


💫 Aside from occasional yoga or pilates classes I barely moved until I was 36… 36!!! When I started crossfit.


💫 When I discovered substance free, ecstatic dance I was clunky & constricted. It took a long time to feel not only free but also safe on the dance floor. 


👉🏽 Safe from the shame of caring about other peoples judgement

👉🏽 Safe from the unwanted advances from men

👉🏽 Safe from my own internal experience.


To feel safe my dancing became a very personal journey. I'd close my eyes, go deep within myself & dance very much on my own.


Dance is an access point for entering altered states of consciousness & in that space I have encountered some of the:

Deepest wisdom, 

Most profound insights

Most powerful healing


Most pure & connected love.

Free, ecstatic or conscious dance is where we ALLOW ourselves to be moved BY the music from the inside.

It's so impactful on both the body and the mind
as it allows us to:

🌟Make sense of experiences,

🌟Move emotions through our body

🌟Access our own wisdom

It can:

👉🏽Rewire our nervous system & ingrained patterns, 

👉🏽Take us out of the Monkey Mind & help us find perspective

👉🏽Activate the endo-cannabinoid system

👉🏽Change our emotional state &

👉🏽Reprogram our cells


The science is starting to come out about the power of this pathway to transformation and the personal power it brings.  


Because with ecstatic dance we are our own healers, therapists & guides.  

With ecstatic dance we unleash our own wisdom and this my friends is nothing short of… 



This is one of the reasons dance has been restricted; 

Demonised by churches and governments alike.


Because it is SO POWERFUL!


Everyone is born to dance. 


It is our birthright to move in a fluid, 



Deeply embodied way.


It is our birthright to feel

And in the feeling of “what is” that we transform.


I invite you to dance like no one is watching,

In your own space,

In your own way

On your own terms.


Free your body, claim your power & transform your life,

Because what happens on the dance floor ripples out into every part of life.



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