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What is the voice that whispers to you in the darkness?
When you are lost and exhausted?
When your failures have left you bloody and spent?
When you find yourself in the inky swamp of despair,
struggling to breathe above the muck,
your mind a tangled web of confusion,
your heart bleeding and burnt…
What calls to you?

What voice sings your soul out of of the shadowlands?

What is the voice of fierceness that firmly states…

And what is the voice
that reaches into your deepest of deep,
with soothing compassion,
and says...
"I know you are tired,
It’s ok to be.
Rest now,
take your spirit to the healing waters,
love your fatigue with the gentlest of strokes,
for tomorrow we rise again….
You are not done yet,
You are not done yet."


What is the voice that ignites your spirit,
That sets your toes dancing and your hands creating?

The voice that giggles you into action,
Possibility frothing over the edges of your mind
And has you peeked into hidden pathways of potential?

What calls you alive?
Waking you from your dead delirium of old patterns and has you weaving new colours into the tapestry of your life?

What voice speaks of hope, wonder and a desire forged deep in the womb of your very being?

This is your WHY!
She is your ally,
Your guidepost in life.

She is your juice,
Your fire,
Your life force.

She is the very essence of you and she is calling you forth to SHINE.


Ready to optimise your life?


Check these offerings & see if we could be a match made in heaven:


Personal Body-Genius Profiling

A potent 1:1 kickstarter program for people ready to up-level by tapping into the brilliance of epigenetic & hormonal profiling.  



Relationship Translation

Fusing epigenetics & relationship dynamics. Basically, I translate how you & significant others (couples, parents, teams):

  • Value different things,
  • Have different priorities,
  • Run on different body clocks,
  • Have different mental & emotional needs & responses due to their dominant hormone; &
  • How to work with this for harmonious relationship flow where everyone gets to feel validated, liberated & celebrated.



Align & Actualise


One for the visionaries!

  This is for those epic humans who have a clear mission & purpose & are ready to do what it takes to make that vision a reality...think Gina Chick from Alone Australia SBS TV.

A longer term container based on epigenetic & hormonal profiling + everything else I've ever explored all available to support you in Aligning with your genetic Genius so you can Actualise your soul purpose.

*Available by application only.

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