$3,300.00 USD

Relationship Translation

Imagine being:

Validated, Liberated & Celebrated in your relationship for being EXACTLY who you are!


Imagine healing, re-invigorating & evolving your relationship by meeting your own needs & celebrating your differences.


Imagine being able to Love yourself & your partner FREE!


This is the program for couples who know the potential for love & relationships is WAY better than what we've been "sold"!


This is for you if you know in your bones that relationship is a pathway to freedom & joy - if only we have the right tools.


We have those tools & they are backed by the cutting-edge science of epigenetics.


Relationship Translation is revolutionary!


In Relationship Translation we combine:

Epigenetic profiling A.I. technology


1:2 coaching with Genevieve Searle who has successfully re-imagined her 20 year relationship to become more ALIVE, LOVING & FREEING than she ever thought possible. 


You get: 

  • 8 weeks working together


  • 8 hours of personalised coaching!


  • 2 x ph360 Epigenetic profiles for 3 months!


  • Between session messaging & support!!


  • Recordings & transcripts!


  • Additional supportive documents & files that you can keep forever!


  • The power to completely re-imagine love & relationship so that it elevates you, your partner, your relationship & creates ripples of beautiful possibility & connection in every part of your life. 


Are you ready to be Liberated in Love?!


What People Are Saying:

This has been so powerful! I've spent my whole life coming to this level of self-expression & freedom in myself & not really known how to do that in relationship. Genevieve has had endless insight & information as to how my partner & I can "love each other free". Really understanding our individual make up, honouring & respecting the differences so we can come together in partnership. She's shown us how to work with boundaries & I love the lens she looks through to find solutions so that everyone can be in their greatest expression of love. Highly, highly recommended!

Tani khaleesi - Founder & CEO of Mothership Business Management, 💋#pleasurestate advocate & 🔥Trailblazer for the liberated woman!