"I learnt more about myself in two sessions with Genevieve, than in the whole year previously on my own."

- Alissia

Welcome to the most game-changing kickstarter of your LIFE!


You want to live a life that is full of flow, vitality, joy, abundance & meaning, right?


You want to be clear, healthy, vibrant & fully ALIVE don't you?


You want to be your real, authentic self & to offer you own personal brand of brilliance to your community, family, work & every part of your life, yes? 


To do that you need to get clear on who YOU really are and what YOU need to thrive.

*Pro tip: This might be really different to what you've been told!


Fortunately we have cutting-edge science & technology that can take a whole lot of that confusion away.


Personal Body-Genius Profiling does exactly this.


Combining ph360 HealthType Profiling with my unique genius of weaving together many different threads of information & intuitive knowing I offer you Personal Body-Genius Profiling


Ph360 is an A.I. profiling software that uses body measurements and "hard" data this profiling software uncovers what hormones were dominant during your development.


It's these hormones that determine:

  • How your body works;
  • How your mind works;
  • Your emotions;
  • How you work best;
  • How you understand things;
  • What your built in genius is & even better;
  • How to work with this information to make sure you are:
    • Eating,
    • Moving,
    • Relating with others,
    • Working,
    • Resting; &
    • Playing in a way that supports you to THRIVE!

This is  NOT a personality test!

This is science based and science backed.


OMG Let's chat!!!


What value do I add?


I take this brilliant technology & bring in my 45 years of wisdom, over 2 decades of holistic health & wellness exploration, research & experience...

Plus my innate ability to see patterns, connections & many different aspects of you & your life to give you highly valuable insights & strategies that can change everything!



The Personal Body-Genius Profile kickstarter Includes:


✨ Ph360 Epigenetic HealthType Profile


✨ Shae App for 12 months  - a life-changing, support tool that evolves it's insight & information to match you as you evolve. 


✨ Clarity call - 20 min zoom call so I can understand what you are wanting, what to look for in your profile & what strategies will best support you.


✨ Profile prep video; to ensure your measurements & therefore your profile, is accurate.


✨ Time I spend before our session going through your profile at the back-end so I can understand your unique genius & gather ideas for strategies to align your life to support your individual needs & desires.


✨ 1:1 x 90 min - 2 hr zoom call going through your profile with you + developing strategies based on your desires & hormonal priorities.


✨ Zoom call recording


✨ Supporting Files & documents to help you further understand your profile + implementing any strategies - these vary from person to person & may be only one or a number of files.


✨ Pure science backed magick!


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