"I love this system & love the way YOU explain it! 

Ph360 helps me in so many ways.

I feel so validated & it's so simple & clear. I know exactly what I need to eat & I'm sleeping way better.

Even the way I set up my days & my productivity is better because it's personalised to me.

Knowing who I am gives me an edge to my whole life!"


-Dr. Merina Ty-Kisera

Activator 145

Intuitive, Acupuncturist, Creator - "Aroma Point Alchemy Method" , Dr in Metaphysics

Welcome to the most game-changing kickstarter of your LIFE!


Personal Body-Genius Profiling …

A potent, 1:1, five week, precision wellness & transformation mentorship.


Hey, I know you’ve been around the block with mentors & modalities.

You’ve probably invested thousands of $$ on gym memberships, personal development, spiritual & embodiment retreats, wellness programs & mindset mentors.

I know this is NOT your first rodeo!

And hey, you wouldn’t be where you are without them.


👉🏽 Maybe the way you’ve always done it has left you burnt out from being hyper-drive trying to do it all.


👉🏽 Maybe what used to work simply won’t anymore


👉🏽 Maybe these paths are simply not enough to take you to the next level.

(And let’s face it, next-level would look so damn good on you!)

So what to do but do something you've never done before!


It's time to get PERSONAL! 

It’s time to get your very own instruction manual designed especially for you!

One that tells you... EXACTLY how to align every part of your life based on your DNA.

From the way you eat & exercise,
To your lifestyle, environment & daily rhythm,

From relationships & mindfulness
To stress reduction & uncovering your innate genius.

You are unique & how you do all of these things should be unique to you!


Oooh, I want in already!


Personal Body-Genius Profiling …

A potent, one to one, 5 week, precision wellness & transformation mentorship.

With ph360 Epigenetic Profiling as the foundation, offered personally by me, this mentorship will guide you in:


  • How to eat, move, work, de-stress, connect in relationship & set up your day in alignment with YOUR unique epigenetic “wiring”; 


  • Why you are the way you are;


  • What your natural, built in genius is; & 


  • How to work with all of this through simple, practical, daily tweaks & strategies based on you! 


Heads up!!

This is NOT a personality test, Human Design or Astrology!

This is cutting-edge technology forged from 11 branches of science. 


Want the nitty-gritty of how Epigenetic* Profiling works?

Here's a FREE 90min Masterclass 👆🏼

Sooo, what do you get with this?

(Aside from my charm, wild & witty sense of humour, brilliant mind & my enormous heart, hehe...)


The Personal Body-Genius Profile kickstarter Includes:


 1 x 20min Clarity Call -  Getting clear on how we'll work together + what you're after & WHY


✨ Ph360 Epigenetic HealthType Profile


✨ Shae App for 12 months  - a life-changing, support tool that evolves it's insight & information to match you as you evolve. 


 3 x Main zoom calls including:

  • Profile Development Call - 90 min zoom call where we:
    • Create your ph360 Epigenetic Profile
    • Initial 1st steps & strategies catered to YOUR needs, desires & unique "wiring". 


  • Profile Discovery Call 1:1 x 90 min - 2 hr zoom call going through your profile with you + developing strategies based on your desires & hormonal priorities 


  • Follow-up Strategy & Support call 90mins for support, insight & guidance for you to move forward in your awesome up-levelling! 


✨ Between Session Profile study - Me going through your profile at the back-end so I can understand your unique genius & gather ideas for strategies to align your life to support your individual needs & desires.


✨ Between Session What's App Access - Yes! That's one of the most amazing things about this;  while we are working together I am available for clarity, insight & support between sessions!


✨ Zoom call recordings & transcripts


✨ Supporting Files & documents to help you further understand your profile + implementing any strategies - these vary from person to person & may be only one or a number of files.


✨ Pure science backed magick!


Oh, take me please!


What value do I add?


As 45 year old mama, lover, dancer, TEDx speaker, best-selling co-author, pleasure seeker & life HACKER for around oh.... 25 YEARS + being a trained Epigenetics Mentor (plus a host of other things!)


Everything I speak about above is EXACTLY where I've been, what I DESIRE & what I've been exploring for decades now & lucky for you, I've worked a few things out.


I'm here to bring you science with SASS & OPEN you up to a whole new world of possibility through the juicy power of personalised body & mind thriving through ph360 Epigenetic* Profiling.


All my hard won wisdom & my innate ability to see patterns, connections & many different aspects of you & your life.


All this together this means I get to give you highly valuable insights & strategies that can change everything! 


Give it to me now!