Do you desire to be Liberated in Love? 


We've all been sold the fairytale romance and... we've all seen time & again how this is bullshit.


Relationships often fall short of expectations & desires


They lose their "juice" over time.


There seem to be two pathways with long term relationships...

1) They end - often badly & expensively

2) They continue with both/all parties being "less" than who they truly are in order to make it work.



It doesn't have to be that way.


The potential for love & relationships is WAY better than what most of us have come to believe!



Let me tell you a story...


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If you are determined to have the kind of relationship you TRULY desire then read on...


Certain hormones "wire" us from conception & early childhood to be who we are.  Not just in our physical bodies but also in our brains & hearts.


It's our dominant hormones that decide:

  • How we see the world, 
  • Our values, 
  • Core wounds,
  • Natural communication styles 
  • Automatic stress responses & 
  • Core needs  


Relationship Translation is a 1:2 or 3 package for couples/triads that brings the power of epigenetic profiling to relationships!

So you can…

understand yourself, your partner/s & others in a whole new way!



What is Epigenetic Profiling?


Ph360 Epigenetic Profiling is cutting-edge A.I. technology that uses:

  • 11 branches of science,
  • 16 different body measurements,
  • Numerous health, environment, lifestyle & ancestry questions
  • 10,000 data points to establish a precise & unique ph360 HealthType profile.

Based on this profile the technology uses the Shae App to offer, precision guidance & insight across 6 key areas of life:





Environment. &

Lifestyle & Genius Zone.


To learn more about Ph360 Epigenetic Profiling go here:  Ph360

How does this help in Relationships?


Coming into alignment or "flow" with our unique biology changes who we are & how we show up in the world.


 By understanding our minds, emotions, needs & nervous systems we can take care of ourselves in a whole new way.

This creates more vitality, clarity & emotional "bandwidth".


Understanding how others differ from us, sometimes polar opposite, allows us to appreciate the differences rather than be triggered by them.


By clearly seeing our own innate genius we feel more empowered to be exactly who we are, whilst also having consideration & appreciation for others.


Let's start now

Want an example?


My partner is an Activator, his dominant hormone is ACTH followed very closely by Oxytocin.

This means he is "in the moment" and makes snap decisions from his gut. 

Sometimes this works & sometimes it's a disaster!


I'm a Diplomat, wired mostly by Serotonin, I make decisions by collating the information I have "gathered over time"  & projecting the possibilities into the future.

I need to take time & space to make decisions. 

Sometimes this is exactly what's needed and... sometimes I get stuck in overwhelm & not make any decision at all!


Both ways have their uses & both have their downfalls.

By understanding this about each other & VALUING the benefits of both we now use both ways of decision making (depending on the situation) for the best possible outcome.

Instead of feeling frustrated, resentful or disempowered we:

  • Find little conflicts funny;
  • Let go of irritations quickly;
  • Feel empowered in our choices; &
  • Stay connected with each other.


What people are saying...

Courtney Lowe

Feminine Embodiment & Empowerment Coach



“Thank you for sharing your heart, your story, your vision & your medicine with the world G!

Thank you for becoming the role models of what it truly is to Liberated in love & showing us that it’s possible to love each other free!


This body of work that you are offering is so fucking transformational - it has already created such monumental change in mine & my partners relationship.

We are now able to:

  • Relate to & understand each other in a whole new way. 
  • Truly understand how to take what feels so personal from the other or the relationship & know that it’s not.
  • Know how our own wounds are unconsciously playing out & pinning ourselves against the other.
  • Have hope, compassion & understanding in what felt doomed.
  • Remember how to love each other free.


I could not recommend this more highly!  For anyone considering or feeling like this may support you - do yourself a favour & follow that xx” 

What's included?


8 Weeks


2 x Ph360 epigenetic & hormonal profiles for 6 months 


Live coaching sessions


  • 1) Profile Development session 
    • Profile creation
    • App run through
    • Priority strategies to implement immediately (2hrs) 


  • 2 + 3) 2 x Individual Profile "download" & Personal Strategy sessions focused on:
    • Individual "wiring" clarification (why you are who you are)
    • Core needs, wounds (what you need to be in flow & what wounds will be triggered when you are out of flow) 
    • Relationship issues & desires (2 x 90min)


  • 4) Couple Translation & Strategy session (90min).
    • Explaining who you are to the other, including key differences, motivations & needs.
    • Potential problems due to differences
    • Potential beauty & power because of differences
    • How to "dance" with these differences to create relationship "magic" instead of pain & trauma.


  • 5) Couple Follow-up Session (90min)


Between session review time (approx 4 hrs)


2 x Individual Coda folders w/ supporting files & documents to support your journey available to keep for ever 


Voxer / What’s App messaging support BETWEEN sessions



Valued at



$4200 USD!!


*Limited packages available as I only work with 2 couples at a time.

** Payment plans available.

*** Available for other intimate relationship dynamics (3 or more parties)

**** Adaptable for work teams & other relationship dynamics. 


Ready to upgrade your relationship?

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