Bespoke Essences


  Take charge of your unconscious mind & start creating your world


Our unconscious mind is SUPER powerful and is what actually rules our lives. 


Imprinted patterns and beliefs are stored in our unconscious and to change them we need to speak the language of the unconscious which is via intention, association, repeated action & the senses (like smell, touch etc..).


These gorgeous hand crafted essences are made 1 at a time especially for you and bring together all of the elements mentioned above!  


No two essences are the same.  I personally drop into you, then combine both intellect & intuition to create your very own, one of a kind blend.


It's then posted directly to you with everything you need to know on how to work with it.


Collaborative magic in a bottle!


Included in each gorgeous box:

1 x 50ml amber spray bottle containing:

✨ Australian Bush Flower Essences

✨ doTerra Essential Oils

 Structured, living, filtered, Australian rain water

✨ Vanilla Vodka (as a preservative)

✨ A pearl - yes a pearl!  Because there are "pearls of wisdom" that will come to you as you work with this essence.


✨ Written instructions 

Investment USD77

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