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How Good Can This Get?

24 years ago I made the decision to “get better”

At 15 suppressed childhood sexual assault from a neighbour resurfaced

Rape at 18,
Overlayed by inherited sexual trauma via the process of inter-generational epigenetics

Followed by years of medicated depression
Blackouts & PTSD
Anorexia & then bulimia
Laxative addiction
Self-abuse & risky choices had all taken their toll

At 21, lying in the bottom of an empty pool, I realised I had 3 choices:
1. Stay as I was
2. Kill myself
3. Get better

I chose number 3

And I kept choosing it over & over again.

The road was long,
My body, heart, mind & spirit all needed healing

I started where I was, with what I had, which was significant because my mother was a psychologist.

It was still hard.

There's a whole story of what unfolded between then & now, the paths I travelled down following the call of my intuition without really knowing I was doing so were many & varied.

Starting with traditional psychology & food for mental and physical healing;

Finding my way to shamanic re-birthing retreats,
Alongside supplements & colonics

Sitting in women circles
Whilst also learning about mitochondria,

Uncovering the impact of environment on our body, mind & emotions: food, lighting, water, electro-magnetic frequencies, air quality, mould, nature, chemicals, medicines etc

As well as Inter-generational epigenetic imprints - or the passing down of stories, experiences, beliefs & physical changes via gene expression

Exploring embodied movement, intermittent fasting, conscious relating, aware parenting, breath work …
& everything in between.

What began as a quest for healing, getting better & finding “one thing” that would “fix” everything
Led to understanding the “one thing” is everything…

Everything has an impact,
Everything matters - this is the science of epigenetics; understanding that we are multi-layered, multi-faceted living organisms in a constant dance with life & the world around us.

It also led to a desire to go beyond survival, healing & “getting better” to
Optimisation and the quest for “how good can this get?”

I led with my feminine intuition and my ever curious mind but often defaulted into masculine achieving, pushing through, going harder, achieving more & now, after an enormous transformation that took me to my knees I’m seeing how this is all part of one thing.


Everything I have learned, investigated and experienced comes with me.


Now I offer this to you.


Through mentoring, books, podcasts, products, speaking, interviews I’m sharing it all.  


What may feel unrelated is all related under the umbrella of human optimisation & the quest for a life that is rich, juicy, vital, healthy, gloriously abundant & fully expressed.


So if I highlight a product, promote a book, share a podcast, offer a program know that it comes from a life of dedicated curiosity, commitment, resilience & unwavering belief that life is meant to be really fucking good.


Take what resonates, leave the rest, ultimately my desire is to help lead you home to yourself.


Through this, each one of us coming home to ourselves, we evolve as individuals & therefore humanity evolves

& THAT is what I’m really here for. 


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