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When my gut REALLY started to heal… it was red light therapy that changed everything!

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I’d spent years…YEARS!!!! Trying to HEAL my GUT &
all the probiotics, colonics, supplements only ever got me so far.

But Red Light Therapy - oh my love, did that ever change my world?!

At the time there was no research on using it for gut health - I just tried it on “gut instinct” I guess.

It was a massive shift!

Immediately, I could feel something change & then the bloating, pain & constipation subsided.

I had the most pleasurable toilet experience within 40mins. Ohhhhhhhh 🥹

(Insider info- At that time it was normal for me to poop once a week)

This was in 2017 when I went sub-cellular & dove into Mitochondria (the powerhouses of the cell).

Incidentally it was mitochondria & Red Light Therapy & that also led me to Epigenetics.

Epigenetics is the science of gene EXPRESSION & how everything in our world impacts this
(As an aside, epigenetic profiling (the foundation for all my work now) is another mind-blowing game-changer. )

Light is one of those things.

In fact it’s a really big one!
Think about the light our ancestors lived under - sun, moon, fire 🔥
Think about the light we live under?
It’s NOT sun, moon, fire.

Light cycles set our body patterns, hormones, mood, sleep, nervous system.

The light we live under has too much blue, too little red.
Actually we just have too much light all together & often at the wrong times.

Our poor, brilliant bodies are confused.

Trying to predict what is happening & prepare for what’s coming from signals in our environment - like light.

It can’t make sense of the information & this creates CHAOS in our bodies.

Inflammation, mental health issues, disrupted hormones, disregulated nervous systems, leading to Disease 🦠 of all sorts - including all kinds of gut issues.

As a Diplomat epigenetic healthtype, serotonin is my main hormone to regulate.

The “happy hormone “ - which incidentally is made mostly in the gut.


Check out PH360 Epigenetic Profiling here

My miserable gut was also creating my miserable mind. Depression has been a life long friend here… until I found red light therapy, epigenetics & then epigenetic profiling...

Of course I became a practitioner- treating people with red light therapy for all kinds of things with incredible results.

I had one woman with chronic kidney issues that meant her bladder never fully emptied. She had 1 session, went home & peed more than have had in years.

Another woman who had had multiple miscarriages over the last 2 years had 6 sessions (plus followed her ph360 profile), become pregnant & birth her long awaited healthy baby.

It stops sore throats & oncoming colds in their tracks.

Has improved athletic performance & wound healing.


It’s beyond compare for healthy vibrant beautiful skin & collagen production.

I could go on…

I no longer offer this as a therapy. Covid changed a lot.

But the better option is actually a top shelf home device because frequency is KEY.
Using it daily is totally winner!

Especially when treating something urgent (like a wound or muscle strain) or something chronic - like long term gut issues.

The light frequency, irradiance, power output & additional Emf production MATTERS a lot!

If you are feeling the call to get one for yourself I have a company that I’m very happy to recommend.

Quality products that hit all the right specifications.

There are plenty of shitty devices on the market - don’t get them.
Just don’t.
They are cheap for a reason.

I’ll put the link in here if you feel to check them out.
Use OPTIMISEDQUEENS at check out for 15% off


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