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It has also created separation and distrust towards ourselves and our bodies.

We see experts using complex language to talk about what happens in the human body and it erodes our sense of what’s happening with in us.

We ask ourselves “How can I possibly know what’s happening in my body. It is so intricate, so complex, not even the experts know everything.”

So we have handed over our health and wellness to “experts” outside of us even though they often don’t know, even though they often only have bandaid solutions that can create other problems.

👉🏽The truth is we don’t need to understand molecular biology in order to understand ourselves.

👉🏽We don’t need to be neuro-scientists in order to look after our mental health.

👉🏽We don’t need to be gastroenterologists to heal our gut issues.

Wellness is more about 4 things:

✨ Remembering we are animals intricately connected to the earth and our environment;

✨Remembering we are whole integrated beings, and that each part of us affects every other part;

✨ Remembering that we only exist in relationship to everything else; and

✨Remembering how to go within and access own innate wisdom.

Yes, sometimes we need a specialist, but more often that not the answers lie in very simple things.
Most people are so far away from this that they don't know where to start.

Most people will need a mentor to help them learn this, but it ABSOLUTELY can be learned.

Even better, we have cutting edge tech that can take a lot of the time and guess work out of it for us.

This is my jam BTW!

Combining cutting edge tech with ancient wisdom to support strong, intelligent, capable women in reclaiming their health and wellness so they feel empowered in making their own CHOICES to THRIVE!

No-one else will give it to us.
If we want our health we need to own it ourselves at every level.

I am in the process of creating a bespoke 6 month, 1:1, Whole Woman Wellness and Empowerment Mentorship to mentor women in exactly this!

It is an evolutionary and revolutionary health, wellness and empowerment reclamation journey.

Stay tuned...

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